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We make it easy                           to eat right!

Healthy produce ready to harvest!

GOOD Grains is passionate about creating innovative and healthy plant-based food.


As an exclusively vegan quick serve establishment, we use grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits and a variety of spices to produce the most flavourful and nutritious dishes that are better for you, our environment, and the world we live in.  Most of our freshly prepared dishes are gluten-free, nut-free and soy-free, as well as free of refined sugars, and all of our dishes contain nothing of animal origin. 

Come and enjoy healthy meals in which

plant-based ingredients shine! 

We offer a wide range of healthy and delicious grab-and-go meals!

Our menu showcases quality vegan ingredients in an array of vibrant dishes that highlight flavours from international cuisine.

In addition to our freshly prepared and ready-to-enjoy soups, salads, wraps, hot and cold entrées, treats and more, we offer a variety of convenient FlatPacks2GO—entrées and soups that are freshly prepared, vacuum sealed and frozen in flat, space-saving packages—all you do is heat and eat! 


Plus, our Jars2GO make healthy plant-based eating even easier!  Enjoy our uniquely flavoured sauces that you can use in a multitude of waysas dressing, glaze/marinade, to enhance pasta, grains, veg/protein of your choosing, and moreand a wide variety of our small batch, unprocessed soups.  Our glass Jars2GO are available in 250 ml, 500 ml and full litre sizes, reusable, and can be returned to us with savings passed along to you!

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