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We care about what

YOU eat.

As a fitness-loving mother of active 12-year-old twins, I am constantly seeking healthy food options that are flavourful and delicious without being processed and full of unnatural ingredients.  A whole foods, plant-based way of eating appealed to me years ago, when I felt dismayed by the overabundance of processed, modified and preservative-laden, artificially flavoured and coloured, excess sugar and salty foods that are constantly marketed to us.

I also found myself unimpressed with prepared food items that purport to be healthy and nutritious, yet whose lists of ingredients read like a novel, with numerous ingredients that one can hardly pronounce, let alone identify as real and wholesome.

I created GOOD Grains so that I could share with others the kind of food that I enjoy most, which is also best for health.  You don't have to be gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian or have food allergies or intolerances to appreciate just how amazing plant-based meals can be!  GOOD Grains' dishes are full of flavour AND essential nutrients, and easy to enjoy. 

Plant-based eating is beneficial in so many ways.  It is energy-boosting, and easier on our digestive systems.  It showcases nutrient-dense ingredients whose health benefits are real and tangible.  Plant-based meals also help protect us against many of the chronic diseases that face modern societies, such as as diabetes, heart disease, and many cancers.

Food is our foundation, providing nutrients for our health to thrive and is the centrepiece of many of our celebrations.  We should care about what we eat!

GOOD Grains' offerings feature a variety of nutrient-dense whole foods that are freshly prepared, delicious and healthy.  What's not to love?

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